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Who We Are.

The JOY Network is the combined missional business of JOYfm and JOY Cares, serving the Greater Fredericton River Valley community.

JOYfm operates as a business, providing the opportunity for traditional radio advertising and digital/social media campaigns, to a very dedicated audience. Where we differ is creating partnerships within our advertisers and partners, connecting to develop business within our communities. We offer the best rates in radio advertising with professional production, while being able to pivot easily and offer the personal touch. We work directly with our partners to drive business, traffic and value in your advertising investment. The investment in advertising is used to cover the operational cost of JOYfm and all other portions are directed to JOY Cares.


JOY Cares is the missional arm, and fully operates as a mission. JOY Cares offers several opportunities for partnership, leading to direct community development, through financial investment (tax donation receipts are provided), with management of your efforts, as little or as much help as needed.


As The JOY Network we have the unique ability to offer a hybrid of these partnerships where your ministry or business can work with The JOY Network in a portion of advertising in traditional/digital marketing, and sow into the ministry of JOY Cares.

As people find value in having positive family friendly programming over the airways, they have the ability to give on a personal level as well, with tax donation receipts issued.


Our Vision

  • Provide a Christian music format that is innovative, diverse, and unique to Fredericton.
  • Provide Spoken Word programs that encourage, challenge, and foster growth in believers.
  • Encourage unity, fellowship, and servant-hearted leadership amongst the wide diversity of churches in the Fredericton area.
  • Provide a showcase for local, regional, and national Christian music artists.
  • Provide a forum for community awareness of local church ministry, organizational programs, and leadership initiatives throughout Fredericton through interviews, information exchange, and public service announcements regarding local and national issues.




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